Kodiak Launch Complex Phase 2, Rocket Launch Facilities

Kodiak, Alaska

Owner: Alaska Aerospace Development Corporation

Client Name: Reliance Insurance Company

Engagement Scope

The Sutor Group was engaged by Reliance Insurance Company to evaluate certain aspects of a claim for additional compensation alleged by Tester Drilling, Inc. Tester Drilling was a subcontractor to Red Samm Construction, Inc the principal of Reliance.

Project description

Tester Drilling work scope included the drilling and installing of rock anchors for the foundations and structures of the facility.

Entitlement issues

Tester Drilling asserted that Red Samm was responsible for the extended duration of the project which required Tester to work over several work seasons. Tester asserted that Red Samm owed them for additional remobilizations and extended project costs.

Type of impacts

Tester Drilling asserted claims against Red Samm including re-mobilization costs, added equipment rental costs, and extended overhead.