M/V Tustemena - Repower Project

Seward, Alaska

Owner: Alaska Marine Highway System

Client Name: Seward Ship's and Dry-dock

Engagement Scope

Seward Ship's Dry-dock hired us to prepare its claim against Bird-Johnson Company its subcontractor and to defend against the counter claim from Bird-Johnson. Our claimed damages totaled $1,284,522.

Project description

The project included the removal and replacement of the existing main propulsion system, the installation of a new propulsion control system, alarm system, replacement of the engineer's operating station and other miscellaneous upgrades on the M/V Tustumena. The Tustumena is 296 feet long, with capacity for 36 vehicles. It can carry 210 passengers, and has 8 four-berth, and 18 two-berth cabins.

Entitlement issues

Bird-Johnson was SSD's subcontractor that supplied the propulsion control and alarm and monitoring systems and integration services. SSD asserted that Bird-Johnson supplied equipment was not adequate, that it failed to meet agreed upon delivery dates and that it failed its role as integrator.

Type of impacts

The impacts sustained by SSD included discretely priced extra work, labor inefficiency and extended contract performance costs.