Verde Valley Roosevelt Dam

Roosevelt Dam, Arizona

Owner: Federal Highway Administration- Denver, Colorado

Client Name: Sletten Construction Co., Inc. White & McNeil Excavating

Engagement Scope

The Sutor Group was engaged to perform a cursory review of a previous claim on the project that had been previously submitted to and rejected by the owner. The Sutor Group was eventually engaged to prepare a complete new claim quantification for the project on behalf of Sletten and White & McNeil and to assist the contractor during the owner agency audit (Defense Contract Audit Agency, Seattle office). Claim amount $2,876,000.

Project description

The project entailed construction of a bridge; construction of approximately 3-1/2 miles of paved, two-lane highway; obliteration of old highway; and stockpiling of approximately 90,000 cubic yards of riprap. The building of the new highway entailed excavation of approximately 500,000 cubic yards and embankment of approximately 400,000 cubic yards. Excavation consisted of rock excavation requiring drilling and shooting and common excavation.

Entitlement issues

A "Type I" differing site condition was encountered during roadway excavation operations. The rock encountered during the roadway excavation was different in character (harder) and found in much larger quantities that represented by the contract documents. Owner directives for work and changes in work, not required under the contract, affecting riprap stockpiling operation, roadway obliteration, traffic control, and rock sorting and handling on the roadway.

Type of impacts

Additional cost of rock versus dirt excavation; Project acceleration costs such as overtime premium, disruption in work sequence resulting in labor and equipment inefficiency impacts.; Cost impacts to riprap stockpiling operations; Impact costs relating to watering, temporary road maintenance, box culvert installation and on-grade rock sorting and handling.