San Ramon Bypass Channel II, Walnut Creek

Walnut Creek, California

Owner: US Army Corps of Engineers- Sacramento District

Client Name: Brutoco Engineering & Construction, Inc.

Engagement Scope

The Sutor Group was engaged by Brutoco to prepare a quantification of damages with respect to various changes that occurred on the project. Our claim quantification impacts total $2,400,000, exclusive of a separate quantum merit impact.

Project description

Project entailed construction of approximately 2.3 miles of concrete water control channel and two concrete bridges spanning the channel. The project also entailed miscellaneous utilities and a siphon. Approximately one mile of the 28-foot wide channel had a concrete cap supported by Double-T reinforced concrete beams supporting a slab deck which provided a public roadway over the top of the channel. The project required a significant amount of excavation and concrete work.

Entitlement issues

Delays in preconstruction relocation of existing high pressure natural gas pipeline, changed work as a result of a directive to build a buttress for pipeline protection during winter months, delay and disruption to the method and manner of performance relating to the construction of the two bridges and channel on the project, final quantity disputes, partial suspension of work.

Type of impacts

Efficiency impacts resulting from changes in project access causing a disruption to planned construction sequence for building channel invert, channel walls, including changes to forming, re-steel and concrete placing functions. Additional costs of excavation and backfilling related to the buttress requirement. Overtime premium and inefficiency impact resulting from project acceleration. Equipment standby and labor inefficiency costs. Extended contract performance costs for field and home office overhead. Subcontractor impacts.