Park Avenue North Improvements

Renton, Washington

Owner: City of Renton

Client Name: Scoccolo Construction, Inc.

Engagement Scope

The Sutor Group was engaged by Scoccolo Construction, Inc. to review and evaluate the quantification of damages in the amount of $322,896 submitted to Scoccolo Construction, Inc. Scoccolo was the prime contractor on the project. The claim damages were presented to Scoccolo by Curb One, Inc. Curb One was a subcontractor on the project. The Sutor Group was also engaged to present the results of our findings as expert testimony in an arbitration hearing.

Project description

Curb One contracted with Scoccolo to furnish and install curb, gutters and sidewalks on the project.

Entitlement issues

Changed site conditions and terminated subcontract.

Type of impacts

The claim submitted by Curb One was a "Total Cost" claim. All overruns on the project were claimed. These overruns included labor disruption and inefficiency, material overrun due to changed conditions, and extended contract performance costs.