Construction Cost Estimating

Proper job selection and sound estimating practices set the stage for a successful job outcome. Even the most skilled project management often fails to salvage a job that is the product of poor estimating practices. Consistent performance requires sound estimating. The Sutor Group companies assist our clients in making some of the following determinations:

  • Evaluation of compensation and skill sets of existing estimators
  • Assistance in the evaluation of strategies for establishing criteria for job fit (size, location, scope)
  • Bid compilation & documentation techniques and methods. Are files disorganized and documents often misplaced?
  • Plan take-off process. Is it error prone?
  • Project work plan & schedule, Is it thought out and has someone with field experience reviewed it?
  • Labor & equipment productivity. Are the productivity assumptions challenged in a meaningful way?
  • Overhead rates. Are they covering your actual costs?
  • Sub & supplier RFQ process. Are scope gaps prevented? Does the process allow for meaningful bid day comparisons?
  • General conditions. Does the process provide assurance that they are adequately covered?
  • Consistency between estimating & accounting. Are the rates used in estimating and the manner of estimating equipment consistent with the way the job will be costed?
  • Bid day process. Is it helter-skelter or controlled?
Contact:Robert Sutor