Recent Sutor Group Projects

Tunneling and Boring Projects

East Campus Sewer Extension

The Sutor Group was engaged by the Weyerhaeuser Company and Lake haven Utility District to assist in the review and evaluation of the quantification of damages of a claim presented by a tunneling subcontractor to Robison Construction, Inc. more >

Alki Transfer/CSO Project

The Sutor Group was engaged by Constructors - Pamco to prepare a price proposal for equitable adjustment. The amount of the equitable adjustment was $1,685,184. We presented our findings in negotiation proceedings between Pamco and King County.more >

Pigeon Creek No. 1 Tunnel

The Sutor Group was engaged by Gonzales Boring & Tunneling, Inc. (Gonzales) to evaluate project damages incurred on this tunneling project. Gonzales was a tunneling subcontractor to Mike H. Johnson, Inc., the prime contractor on the project.more >

Kapaa Tunnel Project

The Sutor Group was engaged by Highway Construction to assist them in the evaluation of cost impacts to this micro-tunneling project resulting from difficulties encountered with an Iseki Earth-Pressure-Balance micro-tunneling machine.more >

Denny Way CSO

We participated in the original management proposal to King County on behalf of Montgomery Watson and CH2M Hill. Our project involvement related to bid packaging, interface with construction industry groups, claims and contractual change management. We were the lead consultant on revising the general & special conditions to King County's prior specifications which we found to be unworkable from a contract management standpoint.more >

Sound Transit Light Rail System

We originally were part of the Lease Cruther Lewis team in proposing project management for Sound Transit. Later we performed consulting work directly for Sound Transitmore >