Surety Claims Services

Since 1985, The Sutor Group has provided the Surety Industry with an array of accounting and consulting services to support surety claim management. Spreadsheet advancements developed by The Sutor Group are now widely accepted and have standardized reporting practices throughout the industry. Drawing on construction accounting, business workout and direct surety experience, The Sutor Group has the ability to create custom software applications to address unusual or complicated engagements.

The Sutor Group’s engagements have involved companies ranging from small local contractors to entities with multiple national offices. Among the services that support such engagements are the following:

  • Determination of balance of funds, subcontractor and supplier liabilities, project completion costs, contingencies, etc.
  • Reserve requirement computations
  • Organization, personnel, project management and accounting system evaluations (Refer to Operation Assessment service)
  • Compilation of “re-casted” balance sheets and income statements
  • Source and Use of Cash Analysis
  • Financial projections and budgeting
  • Business workout plans (Refer to Business Turnaround services). This service commonly includes some of the following services:
    • Company reorganization recommendations
    • Business wind-down or contraction
    • Staffing reduction plans
    • Coordination of administrative support with field operations
  • Claims evaluation and expert testimony (Refer to Construction Claim Services)