S/S Bermuda Star

Port of Portland Shipyards, Oregon

Owner: Commodore Cruise Lines

Client Name: Commodore Cruise Lines

Engagement Scope

The Sutor Group was engaged by Commodore Cruise Lines to review and evaluate claims in the amount of $3,616,798 submitted to Commodore Cruise Lines by Northwest Marine, Inc. Northwest Marine, Inc. was the prime contractor on the project. The Sutor Group was also engaged to present the results of our findings as expert testimony in admiralty arbitration proceedings in New York.

Project description

The S/S Bermuda Star is a cruise line vessel. The scope of work on the vessel included two separate contracts; a conversion contract and repair contract. The conversion contract included demolition of various areas of the vessel and complete renovation of demolished areas. The repair contract included work on other deck areas and engine repairs. During repairs to the vessel a fire occurred on the vessel resulting in significant damage. Northwest Marine repaired the vessel areas damaged by the fire.

Entitlement issues

Additional work outside of original contract.

Type of impacts

Additional cost associated with the repair of damage resulting from fire. Separation of costs relating to T&M portion of contract, conversion and fire damage.