FPR Project CP-4B/7B Nuclear Reprocessing Plant

Idaho National Engineering Laboratory

Owner: Department of Energy

Client Name: Ameron, Inc./ Protective Coatings Division

Engagement Scope

The Sutor Group was engaged by Allen L. Bender, Inc. to evaluate and establish the overall pricing guidelines to be followed in determining the net settlement proposal of Bender and its 32 subcontractors. We assisted Bender and its subcontractors in all aspects of the preparation and submittal of the settlement proposal including completion of appropriate forms, the preparation of detailed reports for each contractor, and participation in settlement negotiations. Our work was performed in compliance with guidelines outlined in Part 49 and 31 of the Federal Acquisition Regulations. The net contract adjustment to the contract was $5,115,328.

Project description

This project was the first phase of a two phase construction program to build a training center for Air Force pilots and navigators. The work entailed the demolition of seven existing buildings, site preparation for the entire campus, construction of five buildings (including three identical dormitories) on the campus site, plus construction of a document destruction facility and steel warehouse at a different location on the base. The project was a lump sum, fixed price bid.

Entitlement issues

Entitlement pursuant to standard federal contract clause 52.249-2 Termination For Convenience Fixed Price Contracts.

Type of impacts

Determination of the value of the terminated work. Determination of the equitable adjustment to the remaining work to reflect the increased costs due to the partial termination, including experience curve productivity impacts.