Route 101 - San Mateo County To Army Street

Candlestick Park, San Francisco

Owner: California Department of Transportation

Client Name: Brutoco Engineering & Construction, Inc.

Engagement Scope

The Sutor Group was engaged by Brutoco to evaluate various impacts on the project that Brutoco contended were caused by the contract owner. We quantified the impacts pursuant to Caltrans Standard Specifications (July 1984) and the special project specifications. Claim amount $3,016,000.

Project description

The project entailed the restoration of approximately three miles of Portland concrete slab type highway on Route 101 adjacent to Candlestick Park. The work entailed removal and replacement of numerous Portland concrete slabs, median and shoulder drainage systems, median and shoulder barrier installation. The work also entailed bridge jacking and restoration of the Almeny Bridge and various approaches.

Entitlement issues

Delay in owner-provided survey grades and elevations. Interpretation of contract specifications regarding traffic control requirements including access to project during Candlestick Park game days.

Type of impacts

Labor inefficiency resulting from disruption in changes to method of performing construction work on median drainage, Almeny Bridge rehabilitation, roadway excavation. Winterization and labor escalation costs. Traffic control cost impacts. Extended contract performance costs for K-Rail usage, miscellaneous equipment, home office overhead. Overtime premium cost and labor inefficiency resulting from excessive overtime.