Aerial Measurements Operations Facility

Nellis Air Force Base, NV

Owner: Department of the Army

Client Name: Intermountain Construction, Inc.

Engagement Scope

The Sutor Group was engaged by Intermountain and seven subcontractors to quantify damages incurred as a result of changes in the method and manner of performance on the project. An individual claim was prepared for each subcontractor and the prime contractor and included in one integrated proposal to the government. The total combined impact was approximately $2,400,000.

Project description

This project entailed the construction of a building, taxiway and apron for the Aerial Measurements Operations Facility at Nellis Air Force Base, Nevada.

Entitlement issues

Defective plans and specifications resulted in substantial changes to the method and manner of performance on the project which led to substantial labor inefficiencies for all contractors. Excessive delays in response to information requests resulted in project delay.

Type of impacts

The majority of the impact experienced on the project was labor inefficiencies as a result of the substantial changes and information request response delays. Some subcontractors also experienced extended contract performance costs for field and home office overhead as a result of delays caused by the contract changes. Other impacts included pending change orders, electrical acceleration impact, and backcharges.