Jumbo Mark II Ferry Project

Seattle, Washington

Owner: Washington State Ferry Systems

Client Name: Todd Pacific Shipyards, Inc.

Engagement Scope

The Sutor Group was engaged by Todd Pacific Shipyards, Inc. (Todd) to assist in the quantification of damages incurred by Todd resulting from alleged compensable owner caused changes. The total quantified impact was $50,459,612 including project impacts, cost of capital, early completion bonuses and proposal preparation costs. Todd's pricing proposal was comprised of two separate submittals, a Direct Pricing submittal totaling $20,197,312 and a Project Impact Pricing submittal totaling $30,262,300. We identified and recommended to Todd, the ship construction expert used by Todd on this project. Our work involved providing accounting, pricing and computer support to the claims team, as well as strategic recommendations.

Project description

Todd's contract with Washington State involved the detailed design and construction of three Jumbo Mark II Class (Super Ferries), the M/V Tacoma, the M/V Wenatchee and the M/V Puyallup. The construction of the three vessels employed "state of the art" modular vessel construction techniques. A third party that contracted directly with the State supplied the power train and controls.

Entitlement issues

Defective design, interference with the design process, numerous changes in contract scope, acceleration of production effort, and problems with Owner Furnished Equipment.

Type of impacts

Production inefficiencies due to disruption to design efforts, transfer of on-unit work (modular construction) to in-zone work (on board stick built construction).