Brundage Dam Reconstruction
- Phase 5

McCall, ID

Owner: U.S. Soil Conservation Service

Client Name: Ramco, Inc.

Engagement Scope

The Sutor Group was engaged by Ramco, Inc. to prepare a quantification of damages with respect to various changes that occurred on the project. The total impact based on our analysis was $557,685.

Project description

The project involved the reconstruction of the north abutment of the Brundage Dam located in McCall, Idaho. The work required the removal of the current dirt dam, the treatment of the exposed rock surfaces, and the reconstruction of the dirt dam using on-site borrow materials.

Entitlement issues

The contractor encountered defective plans and specifications relating to the processing of drain rock material on the project. Differing site conditions relating to the formation of the subsurface rock under the dam and the quality of borrow materials used in rebuilding the dam were also encountered.

Type of impacts

The contractor experienced labor and equipment productivity loss due to the changed conditions encountered on the project. This productivity loss also resulted in the delay of the project causing the contractor to incur substantial overtime costs to mitigate the delay impacts. Extended contract performance costs for field and home office overhead were incurred as a result of the delay.