Cabrillo Beach Marina

Los Angeles, California

Owner: Port of Los Angeles

Client Name: Bremerton Concrete Products, Inc./Kitsap County Bank

Engagement Scope

Our engagement involved to separate assignments. The first assignment was to review the impact claim that had been previously prepared by BCP on the Cabrillo project and make appropriate corrections. The second assignment involved an analysis of the business devastation damages incurred by Bremerton Concrete Products as a result of cash flow shortages and result in business failure flowing from the problems encountered by Bremerton Concrete Products, Inc. on the Cabrillo Beach project. The project claim totaled approximately $1,997,000. The business devastation claim totaled $1,755,000.

Project description

This was a unit priced contract involving the design, fabrication and transportation F.O.B. job site of a concrete dock floatation system entailing approximately 175,000 square feet of dock surface area. The floatation units were installed at the marina by Crowley Marine, a subcontractor to Brinderson Corporation.

Entitlement issues

The primary entitlement issue involved a project delay which resulted in a slow down in the rate at which the concrete dock floatation units manufactured by Bremerton Concrete Products, Inc. could be delivered to the project.

Type of impacts

The project delay forced a production slow down by Bremerton Concrete Products, Inc. The resulting impacts were labor inefficiency, crowding and disruption. Additional transportation costs were also incurred. Contract extension costs for field, plant and home office overhead.