Suitland Parkway

Prince George County, Maryland

Owner: Federal Highway Administration

Client Name: Eterna-Line Corporation Reliance Surety Company

Engagement Scope

The Sutor Group was engaged by Eterna-Line's surety, now Travelers, to prepare a quantification of damages with respect to various changes that occurred on the project. The total impact was $3,312,420.

Project description

The project involved asphaltic pavement rehabilitation, drainage improvements, curb and other work, landscaping and miscellaneous work on a .521 mile portion of the Suitland Parkway beginning at the District of Columbia/Maryland state line, and ending at Branch Avenue, located in Prince George County, Maryland.

Entitlement issues

Differing site conditions relating to wet sub-base, varying asphalt thicknesses, and unidentified utilities and obstructions. Significant design changes and excessive performance standards. Weather impacts resulting form project delay.

Type of impacts

Efficiency impacts resulting from various changes on the project. Extended contract performance costs for field and home office overhead.