Port of Tacoma Sitcum Remediation

Tacoma, Washington

Owner: Port of Tacoma

Client Name: Manson Construction & Engineering

Engagement Scope

The Sutor Group was engaged by Manson Construction & Engineering to review and evaluate claims in the amount of $342,185 submitted to Manson by Sanders & Associates, Inc. Manson was the general contractor on the project and Sanders was a subcontractor to Manson. The Sutor Group was engaged to present the results of our findings as expert testimony in the Superior Court, Pierce County, Washington.

Project description

The prime contract between the Port of Tacoma and Manson involved the dredging the Sitcum Waterway located in Tacoma, Washington. Manson subcontracted the water quality monitoring and testing to Sanders. Water quality testing was necessary to assure the dredging of potentially toxic materials did not put an excessive level of toxins in the surrounding water. The subcontract between Manson and Sanders was a unit price contract. The actual units (test) performed by Sanders were significantly less than contracted.

Entitlement issues

Reduction in unit quantities performed.

Type of impacts

Cost impacts resulting from the reduction in unit quantities.