Greenwood Apartments (31-Unit Complex)

Seattle, Washington

Owner: Greenwood Corporation

Client Name: Williams & Abbott Construction, Inc.

Engagement Scope

The Sutor Group was engaged by Williams & Abbott Construction, Inc. to review a claim in the amount of $572,800 which had been previously submitted to the project owner. Based on the work we performed through date of project mediation, our analysis indicated damages of $340,200 after adjustment for findings.

Project description

This project entailed the construction of a 31-unit apartment complex. Williams & Abbott's portion of the work entailed project management, concrete, rough carpentry, finish carpentry, miscellaneous finished, and specialties.

Entitlement issues

Incomplete and erroneous plans and specifications, unreasonable delays and processing of clarification requests, interpretation of plans and specifications, extended contract performance costs, and contract acceleration costs. Weather impacts resulting from project delay.

Type of impacts

Labor inefficiency, subcontract cost escalation, extended field office overhead, extended home office overhead, and various pending change orders.