CFC Continental Warehouse Addition

Seattle, Washington

Owner: CFC Continental

Client Name: Ferguson Construction

Engagement Scope

The Sutor Group was engaged by Ferguson Construction to evaluate cost impacts incurred by Ferguson Construction as a result of delay and disruption construction activities on this project. Our analysis indicated approximately $309,000 due from pending change orders and an additional amount due as a result of contract extension and disruption of $310,700.

Project description

The project entailed site work, concrete foundation slab work, construction of warehouse and dock facilities.

Entitlement issues

Differing site conditions relating to on-site grades which were substantially different from those indicated in the construction plans. Defective specifications relating to complex and piping details.

Type of impacts

Labor inefficiency resulting from disruption of work caused by project acceleration and defective specifications. Contract extended performance costs for field and home office overhead. Additional labor and materials relating to extra work both directed and required due to changed conditions.