East Campus Sewer Extension

Federal Way, Washington

Owner: Weyerhaeuser / Lake Haven Utility District

Client Name: Weyerhaeuser Company/ Jim Anderson/ Lake Haven Utility District/ Steve Pritichett

Engagement Scope

The Sutor Group was engaged by the Weyerhaeuser Company and Lake haven Utility District to assist in the review and evaluation of the quantification of damages of a claim presented by a tunneling subcontractor to Robison Construction, Inc.

Project description

The tunneling subcontractor performed two separate bores on the project. The first was a 350' bore under Interstate 5 and the other was a 40" bore under an existing creek.

Entitlement issues

NW Boring asserted differing site conditions. NW Boring asserted that the soils encountered were softer than originally anticipated and that rock boulders were encountered by NW Boring.

Type of impacts

NW Boring was asserting extra costs as a result of differing site conditions that they encountered on the project site. NW Boring asserted extra labor and equipment due to the differing site conditions. We analyzed the markup structure used by NW Boring, the job profitability, an allocation of the impacts by entitlement issue, the labor and equipment hours and rates used in the damage quantification.