Seattle Mariners Baseball Stadium

Seattle, Washington

Owner: King County Council

Client Name: King County Council

Engagement Scope

Robert E. Sutor was appointed by the King County Council to the Independent Financial Review Committee to assess the Mariners Baseball Stadium project. Mr. Sutor was the chairman of the IFRC Subcommittee on Construction Cost and Maintenance. The Cost Subcommittee performed a detailed risk and strategic evaluation of the stadium project and issued a formal report to the King County Council in December of 1996 which raised serious questions regarding the risk of potential cost overruns due to overlap of design with construction and recommended both a delay in contract award and a significant contingency. As is common knowledge, the Mariners proceeded with their original plan and incurred the substantial overruns ($125 million) predicted in The Sutor Group report. Mr. Sutor was extensively involved in evaluation of the proposed project budget and schedule issued by the Public Facilities District, as well as, program and project management policies and procedures.

Project description

Construction of a $425,000,000 special purpose baseball stadium adjacent to the King Dome in Seattle, Washington. Project involved EIS, traffic mitigation, site access, railroad air space easements, design coordination, program planning and controls, construction budget analysis, schedule analysis and risk management.

Entitlement issues


Type of impacts