Pigeon Creek No. 1 Tunnel

Everett, Washington

Owner: City of Everett

Client Name: Gonzales Boring & Tunneling, Inc.

Engagement Scope

The Sutor Group was engaged by Gonzales Boring & Tunneling, Inc. (Gonzales) to evaluate project damages incurred on this tunneling project. Gonzales was a tunneling subcontractor to Mike H. Johnson, Inc., the prime contractor on the project.

Project description

Gonzales' portion of the project involved boring a 284 lineal foot of 120' tunnel under a roadway using a TBM. Gonzales was responsible for the jacking pit excavation, as well as tunnel excavation.

Entitlement issues

Lack of site access, failure of prime provided dewatering system, wrongful termination, project acceleration.

Type of impacts

Dewatering costs, loss of productivity, acceleration costs, lost profits, termination costs.