Recent Sutor Group Projects

Types of Owners

Department of Transportation

Federal Highway Administration

George Washington Memorial Parkway, Fairfax County, Virginia

The project involved restoration of Portland concrete pavement and bridge deck work on approximately 2.1 miles of the George Washington Memorial Parkway leading to Mount Vernon, Virginia. Also included was asphalt rehabilitation work on Virginia state Route 235, construction of parking areas at Mount Vernon, and site drainage and utility work.

Suitland Parkway, Prince George County, Maryland

The project involved asphaltic pavement rehabilitation, drainage improvements, curb and other work, landscaping and miscellaneous work on a .521 mile portion of the Suitland Parkway beginning at the District of Columbia/Maryland state line, and ending at Branch Avenue, located in Prince George County, Maryland.

California Department of Transportation

Eastbound I-80, Baxter, California,

This project involved placement of a polyester concrete overlay of approximately 3/4-inch in depth on 3.7 miles of eastbound I-80. The job also entailed a significant amount of surface and joint cleaning using shotblasting, waterblasting, and sandblasting equipment.

Route 101 - San Mateo County To Army Street, Candlestick Park, San Francisco

The project entailed the restoration of approximately three miles of Portland concrete slab type highway on Route 101 adjacent to Candlestick Park. The work entailed removal and replacement of numerous Portland concrete slabs, median and shoulder drainage systems, median and shoulder barrier installation. The work also entailed bridge jacking and restoration of the Almeny Bridge and various approaches.

State of Idaho Transportation Department

I84 Fairfield Interchange to MP 103.5, Central Idaho

The project involved demolition and replacement of Portland Concrete roadway slabs on Interstate 84 near Boise, Idaho. The roadway sections involved approximately 1 mile of the east and westbound lanes of the interstate.

Kootenai Cutoff Through Colburn, Sandpoint and Clark Fork, Bonner County, Idaho

The contract work scope included the grading, drainage and plant mix paving of 7.05 miles of US-95 and the crushing, screening, and stockpiling of anti-skid materials.

Federal - Department of Energy

FPR Project CP-4B/7B Nuclear Reprocessing Plant, Idaho National Engineering Laboratory

The FPR Project was an approximately $350,000,000 job to construct a nuclear fuel reprocessing facility for the Department of Energy.

ECF Dry Cell Construction Project, Idaho National Engineering Laboratory

The scope of the contract included demolition of a portion of an existing building, raising the roof on the portion of an existing building, construction of the dry cell, and building an addition to the existing structure.

Waste Receiving & Processing Facility (WRAP Module 1), Hanford Nuclear Reservation, Washington

The work included the supply and construction of a two story pre-engineered building and systems for the handling and processing of waste products and associated ancillary facilities.

Federal - Other

US Air Force

Academic Training Complex, Beale Air Force Base, California

The work entailed the demolition of seven existing buildings, site preparation for the entire campus, construction of five buildings on the campus site, plus construction of a document destruction facility and steel warehouse at a different location on the base.

Dental Clinic Replacement, Eielson Air Force Base, Fairbanks Alaska

The work involved interior metal stud wall framing, installation of gypsum wall board and installation of membrane roof system.

Fuel Systems Maintenance-Mathers AFB, Mathers Air Force Base, California

The work entailed construction of a 17,600 square foot, structural steel frame, metal building with continuous footings, slab ongrade, insulated standing beam metal roof system, and fire protection system, including landscape, parking area, oil/water separator and utility connections.

US Army

Aerial Measurements Operations Facility, Nellis Air Force Base, NV

This project entailed the construction of a building, taxiway and apron for the Aerial Measurements Operations Facility.

Enlisted Barracks Modification IV, Fort Riley, Kansas

The project involved the rehabilitation of three barracks.

US Army Corps of Engineers

Hangar Door Rehabilitation, Fort Wainwright, Alaska

The project entailed replacement of existing hangar doors with larger overhead hangar doors.

Fort Lewis Close Demolition Waste Area, Tacoma, Washington

The work scope included a U.S. Army demolition waste area to be recontoured and covered with compacted embankment fill in order to provide a suitable subgrade for an overlaying cover system.

US Navy

Key West Whole House Improvements, Key West, Florida

Renovation and rehabilitation of approximately 1,200 housing units, including new roofing, insulation, flooring, wall treatment and other work.

U.S. Department of the Interior - National Park Service

National Park Inn Rehabilitation, Mt. Rainier, WA

This included the partial demolition of the main building and the total demolition of the old kitchen wing.

US Forest Service

Hoonah Housing Project, Hoonah, Alaska

This contract involved site work, concrete foundation work, fabrication and installation of four duplex residential modular housing units.

General Services Administration

Point of Entry, Blaine, Washington

The project consisted of the site development work as a prelude to the eventual construction of expanded facilities for warehousing, cargo facilities, and parking and inspection facilities to process commercial vehicles passing customs.

Counties, Cities and Municipalities

King County

King Dome Roof Renovation, Seattle, Washington

Re-roofing of King County domed Stadium.

Seattle Mariners Baseball Stadium, Seattle, Washington

Construction of a $425,000,000 special purpose baseball stadium.

The Metropolitan Park District of Tacoma

Outlet Works Modifications- Kachess Dam, Tacoma, Washington

The work included selective demolition of existing structures, remediation control and management of contaminated materials, beach stabilization, water and sewer, wetland mitigation, and the installation of a new restroom building.

Municipality of Metropolitan Seattle

Metro-Central Operating Base Expansion, Seattle, Washington

The project included new office, warehouse, and maintenance facilities, as well as remodel of maintenance and office facilities, including street improvements and paving.

City of Port Angeles

Headquarters Fire Station, Port Angeles, Washington

The project consisted of a new 2-story wood framed structure for administrative and crew quarters, with a 6-bay masonry structure to house fire apparatus.

Utilities and Sewers

Des Moines Sewer District

Des Moines Distribution System, Des Moines, Washington

This was an underground sewer pipe utilities job which was bid on a unit price basis. The majority of the work entailed installation of 16-inch, 12-inch and 8-inch ductile iron pipe and 8-inch PVC pipe. The work also included installation of manholes and some asphalt paving to repair excavated portion of roadway.

City of Bonney Lake

Church Lake Interceptor, Schedule C, Pierce County, Washington

This project involved furnishing the necessary materials, labor, and equipment for installing 11,400 LF of 18", 1,900 LF of 12" and 3,900 LF of 10" main line interceptor, completing various connections to the main line interceptors consisting of approximately 1,000 LF of 8" side sewers, and a timber pile supported structural steel bridge assembly crossing a flume for support of an 8" ductile iron force main.

Private owners

Alaska Aerospace Development Corporation

Kodiak Launch Complex Phase 2, Rocket Launch Facilities, Kodiak, Alaska

Tester Drilling work scope included the drilling and installing of rock anchors for the foundations and structures of the facility.

CFC Continental Warehouse Addition, Seattle, Washington

The project entailed site work, concrete foundation slab work, construction of warehouse and dock facilities.

Beckenstein Enterprises

Hamilton Standard After Market Support Facility, East Windsor, Connecticut

The project involved the construction of a 204,000 spare foot warehouse/office complex.

Telex Facility, Raleigh, North Carolina

The project involved the construction of a 360,000 square foot warehouse/office complex.

Greenwood Corporation

Greenwood Apartments, Seattle, Washington

This project entailed the construction of a 31-unit apartment complex.

Weyerhaeuser Company

Oriented Strand Board (OSB) Structurewood Plant, Heaters, West Virginia

The project involved the plant construction including earthwork, underground utilities, buildings, equipment and roadways.

DPIC Insurance

King County Youth Detention Center, Seattle, Washington

This project involved the construction of a new 81,481 square foot youth detention center and the renovation of an existing 16,938 square foot detention building.

Dick Hedreen

Elliott Hotel, Seattle, Washington

CNL/Marriott Hotels

Marriott Hotel, Seattle, Washington

Ship owners

Alaska Marine Highway System

M/V Columbia, Ketchikan, Alaska

The Sutor Group was engaged by the Alaska Marine Highway System to assist in the review and evaluation of the quantification of damages of a claim asserted by Alaska Ship and Dry-dock.

The contract included the replacement of the passenger cabin and the ship's service switchboard, modifications to the HVAC system, Internal Communications system, fresh water tank structural and piping, and Engineer's operating station.

M/V Kennicott, Gulfport, Mississippi

The Sutor Group was engaged by the Alaska Marine Highway System to assist in the review and evaluation of the quantification of damages of a claim asserted by Halter Marine Group, Inc.

AMHS contracted with Halter Marine to construct a new Ocean class passenger and car ferry 382 feet long, 85 feet wide, with nine decks.

M/V Tustemena - Repower Project, Seward, Alaska

Seward Ship's Dry-dock hired us to prepare its claim against Bird-Johnson Company its subcontractor and to defend against the counter claim from Bird-Johnson.

The project included the removal and replacement of the main propulsion system, alarm system, replacement of the engineer's operating station and other upgrades.

M/V Tustumena Refurbishment, Port of Portland Shipyards, Oregon

The Sutor Group was engaged by the State of Alaska to review and evaluate claims in the amount of $8,363,501 submitted to the State of Alaska by Northwest Marine, Inc.

The purpose of the refurbishment was to replace and upgrade all accommodations and facilities in the crew and passenger spaces; to install a new handicapped elevator; expand the fresh water tank and upgrade the electrical distribution system.

M/V Tustemena, Ketchikan, Alaska

This was a major renovation of the ship including various improvements to electrical, mechanical, navigational, propulsion systems, as well as, steel renewal and improvements to living spaces.

M/V Malaspina Habitability Refurbishment, San Diego, California

The Sutor Group was engaged by the State of Alaska to review and evaluate claims in the amount of $614,073 submitted to the State of Alaska by Southwest Marine, Inc.

The contract included refurbishment of passenger and crew accommodations, steal deck replacement and galley improvements.

BP America

S/S Keystone Canyon, Port of Portland Shipyards, Oregon

The maintenance and repair contract included general maintenance and repair to the vessel.

Commodore Cruise Lines

S/S Bermuda Star, Port of Portland Shipyards, Oregon

The scope of work on the vessel included two separate contracts; a conversion contract and repair contract.

US Navy

USS Observation Island (T-AGM 23), Portland, Oregon

Evaluation of impact damages relating to refurbishment of the USS Observation Island and high-tech radar ship.

Washington State Ferry Systems

Jumbo Mark II Ferry Project, Seattle, Washington

The Sutor Group was engaged by Todd Pacific Shipyards, Inc. to assist in the quantification of damages incurred by Todd resulting from alleged compensable owner caused changes.
Todd's contract with Washington State involved the detailed design and construction of three Jumbo Mark II Class (Super Ferries).

M/V Yakima, Seattle, Washington

The Sutor Group was engaged by Todd Shipyards to assist in the establishment of project management and operations control process, including oversight of cost control, schedule and change management.
The project involved a $25 million renovation of the jumbo ferry.

Universities and Schools

Seattle School District

Emerson Elementary, Seattle, Washington

The project includes both the renovation and addition of Emerson Elementary.

Vancouver School District

Main Street Middle School, Vancouver, Washington

Construction of a new Middle School in Vancouver, Washington.

Washington State University

Carpenter Hall Remodel, Pullman, Washington

Remodel and fifth floor addition to Carpenter Hall at Washington State University. Remodel included new mechanical and electrical systems and utility tunnel.

Western Washington University

Edens Hall Renovation, Bellingham, Washington

The contract was for the restoration and renovation of Edens Hall at the campus of Western Washington University. The building is a 50,000 square foot four story housing structure built in 1921. The scope of work included bringing the building up to the latest seismic codes (including concrete shearwalls and structural upgrades), as well as all new mechanical and electrical systems and architectural finished both inside and out.

Science Facility II -Biology, Bellingham, Washington

The scope of work consisted of constructing a new building including the site work. The building is a four story 80,000 square foot cast in place facade and an adjoining three story aluminum curtain wall enclosed office structure.