Malmstrom Air Force Base

Malmstrom Air Force Base, Montana

Owner: Corps of Engineers - Spokane District

Client Name: Plano Builders Corporation

Engagement Scope

The Sutor Group was engaged by Plano to evaluate the cost impacts resulting from additional asbestos discovered at the project site, various design deficiencies and differing site conditions, and constructive project acceleration. Our quantification of impacts totaled approximately $2,784,000.

Project description

This project involved the complete renovation of an existing air force command facility. Work included the removal of all interior partitions, electrical and mechanical systems, layout of new partition, installation of a new electrical mechanical system, construction of elevator tower, and site work.

Entitlement issues

Differing site conditions due to large quantity of additional asbestos to be removed and an active communication facility on the project which was not disclosed in the plans and specifications.

Type of impacts

Subcontractor direct cost impacts due to additional asbestos removal. Labor inefficiency impacts due to schedule disruptions and constructive acceleration. Extended contract performance costs for field and home office overhead.