City of Roy -Water Improvements Project

Roy, Washington

Owner: Giaudrone & Associates

Client Name: Cedar Ridge Construction Co., Inc.

Engagement Scope

The Sutor Group was engaged by Cedar Ridge to evaluate the cost impacts resulting from various extra work directives and differing site conditions. Our quantification of impacts totaled approximately $275,000 and related to approximately 150 various events encountered during project construction.

Project description

This project entailed construction of pump house, 8-inch mainline pipe from the pump house to the water tank reservoir, construction of the water tank reservoir, two 60-foot bridge crossings, distribution piping, chlorination system, pumps and controls, telemetry system.

Entitlement issues

Undisclosed utilities encountered, design deficiencies and tank foundation, defective design of pump control system. Design deficiencies in pipe restraining system for railroad and highway crossing. Unreasonable delays in clarifying design deficiencies. Conflicts in Chlorination piping.

Type of impacts

Labor, equipment and material impacts relating to various extra work required due to design deficiencies and undisclosed utilities encountered. Extended contract performance costs for field office and home office overhead.