9th and Washington Pumping Station Rehabilitation

Pasco, Washington

Owner: City of Pasco

Client Name: IMCO General Construction

Engagement Scope

The Sutor Group was engaged by IMCO General Construction to prepare the quantification of damages attributable to the City of Pasco on the 9th and Washington Pumping Station Rehabilitation project. The total amount of the claim as submitted to the City of Pasco was $1,033,433.

Project description

The project consisted of a new pump station that extended 30 feet below the existing ground surface and 1,900 feet of gravity and force main sanitary sewer line.

Entitlement issues

Changes to the plans and specifications and differing site conditions.

Type of impacts

Additional excavation and shoring costs as a result of the water inflow into the excavation and contractor built shoring system. Additional dewatering and ground water control costs resulting in the excess water encountered at the excavation. Acceleration and extended job site and home office overhead costs.