City of Cheney Waste Water Treatment Plant

Cheney, Washington

Owner: IMCO General Construction Co., Inc.

Client Name: IMCO General Construction, Co., Inc.

Engagement Scope

The Sutor Group was engaged by IMCO to prepare a request for equitable adjustment relating to alleged owner caused changes on this project. The resulting REA totaled $1,069,511 and included direct cost pricing, impact cost pricing, extended field and home office overhead costs, extended equipment usage, subcontractor claims and pending change orders.

Project description

This project involved the construction of a new waste water treatment plant for the City of Cheney. Job elements included, among other items, mass excavation, concrete, carpentry, plant equipment and control systems.

Entitlement issues

Differing site conditions, site access, defective design, inadequate owner project administration and design changes.

Type of impacts

Project delay, work disruption and acceleration, equipment standby costs, out of sequence work, weather and extended field and home office overhead costs.