Recent Sutor Group Projects

Marine Facilities

Cabrillo Beach Marina

Our engagement involved to separate assignments. The first assignment was to review the impact claim that had been previously prepared by BCP on the Cabrillo project and make appropriate corrections. The second assignment involved an analysis of the business devastation damages incurred by Bremerton Concrete Products as a result of cash flow shortages and result in business failure flowing from the problems encountered by Bremerton Concrete Products, Inc. on the Cabrillo Beach project. The project claim totaled approximately $1,997,000. The business devastation claim totaled $1,755,000. more >

Port of Tacoma Sitcum Remediation

The Sutor Group was engaged by Manson Construction & Engineering to review and evaluate claims in the amount of $342,185 submitted to Manson by Sanders & Associates, Inc. Manson was the general contractor on the project and Sanders was a subcontractor to Manson. The Sutor Group was engaged to present the results of our findings as expert testimony in the Superior Court, Pierce County, Washington. more >