Companies of The Sutor Group

Sutor, Krystad & Rosenfeld

Certified Public Accountants

Accounting, financial, and management services. SK&R offers a broad range of public accounting and consulting services for contractors of all types. SK&R participates in the “Peer Review” program sponsored by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants. Due to its exclusive specialization in construction related businesses, SK&R has developed highly efficient staff personnel and processes in dealing with contractors’ financial statement, management consulting and systems needs.

  • Financial statement services (audit, review, compilation)
  • Tax return preparation (corporations, partnerships and individuals)
  • Tax planning (both year end and long-range)
  • Business management consulting
  • Financial projections
  • Business workout plans
  • Computer systems selection and implementation
  • Strategic planning

Surety and fidelity claim services

SK&R provides cost-effective solutions to the complex problems faced by sureties. Utilizing the experience gained from years of construction accounting, business workout and direct surety experience, SK&R provides an array of accounting and consulting services, including:

  • Reserve requirement computations (“Balance of Funds Analysis”)
  • Source and use of funds analysis
  • Business workout plans
  • Personnel and system evaluations
  • Fidelity audits