Recent Sutor Group Projects

Private owners

Alaska Aerospace Development Corporation

Kodiak Launch Complex Phase 2, Rocket Launch Facilities, Kodiak, Alaska

Tester Drilling work scope included the drilling and installing of rock anchors for the foundations and structures of the facility.

CFC Continental Warehouse Addition, Seattle, Washington

The project entailed site work, concrete foundation slab work, construction of warehouse and dock facilities.

Beckenstein Enterprises

Hamilton Standard After Market Support Facility, East Windsor, Connecticut

The project involved the construction of a 204,000 spare foot warehouse/office complex.

Telex Facility, Raleigh, North Carolina

The project involved the construction of a 360,000 square foot warehouse/office complex.

Greenwood Corporation

Greenwood Apartments, Seattle, Washington

This project entailed the construction of a 31-unit apartment complex.

Weyerhaeuser Company

Oriented Strand Board (OSB) Structurewood Plant, Heaters, West Virginia

The project involved the plant construction including earthwork, underground utilities, buildings, equipment and roadways.

DPIC Insurance

King County Youth Detention Center, Seattle, Washington

This project involved the construction of a new 81,481 square foot youth detention center and the renovation of an existing 16,938 square foot detention building.

Dick Hedreen

Elliott Hotel, Seattle, Washington

CNL/Marriott Hotels

Marriott Hotel, Seattle, Washington