Recent Sutor Group Projects

Irrigation, Utility and Sewer Districts

Des Moines Sewer District

Des Moines Distribution System, Des Moines, Washington

This was an underground sewer pipe utilities job which was bid on a unit price basis. The majority of the work entailed installation of 16-inch, 12-inch and 8-inch ductile iron pipe and 8-inch PVC pipe. The work also included installation of manholes and some asphalt paving to repair excavated portion of roadway.

City of Bonney Lake

Church Lake Interceptor, Schedule C, Pierce County, Washington

This project involved furnishing the necessary materials, labor, and equipment for installing 11,400 LF of 18", 1,900 LF of 12" and 3,900 LF of 10" main line interceptor, completing various connections to the main line interceptors consisting of approximately 1,000 LF of 8" side sewers, and a timber pile supported structural steel bridge assembly crossing a flume for support of an 8" ductile iron force main.