Hoonah Housing Project

Hoonah, Alaska

Owner: United States Forest Service

Client Name: Kadin Corporation

Engagement Scope

The Sutor Group was engaged by Kadin Corporation to compute the damages that were incurred by Kadin as a result of Westwood Alaska, Inc.'s late delivery of pre-fabricated modular housing units and defects in Westwood's performance in constructing the modular units that were delivered. Kadin was a defendant in this lawsuit. This lawsuit was brought by Security State Bank on behalf of Westwood Corporation for non-payment under Westwood's purchase order agreement with Kadin. The Sutor Group was engaged by Kadin to compute project impacts.

Project description

This contract involved site work, concrete foundation work, fabrication and installation of four duplex residential modular housing units in Hoonah, Alaska.

Entitlement issues

Responsibility for late delivery by Westwood of modular units. Interpretation of contract specifications and drawings with respect to workmanship and completeness of modular units required to be delivered to the site by Westwood.

Type of impacts

Impact costs resulting from adverse weather conditions and work acceleration costs. Loss of efficiency and disruption. Additional labor and material to correct defective and incomplete modular units which were delivered by Westwood. Extended contract performance costs for equipment, field office overhead and home office overhead.