Services of The Sutor Group

The Sutor Group offers a full spectrum of services to the construction industry. In addition to traditional accounting and financial areas, the Sutor Group offers operational and project management expertise. We endeavor to be a full-service firm, available to assist clients in all aspects of their financial, operational and project management needs.

Due to its exclusive specialization in construction related businesses, The Sutor Group has developed highly efficient staff personnel and processes in dealing with contractors’ financial statement, management consulting and systems needs.

  • Construction claim litigation support services
  • Business turn-around management
  • Financial forecasts and projections
  • Design and implementation of operations systems and procedures
  • Business management consulting
  • Business workout plans
  • Computer systems selection and implementation
  • Strategic planning

Surety and fidelity claim services

The Sutor Group provides cost-effective solutions to the complex problems faced by sureties. Utilizing the experience gained from years of construction accounting, business workout and direct surety experience, The Sutor Group provides an array of accounting and consulting services, including:

  • Reserve requirement computations (“Balance of Funds Analysis”)
  • Source and use of funds analysis
  • Business workout plans
  • Personnel and system evaluations
  • Fidelity audits