Surety Services

Surety Services

Since 1985, The Sutor Group has provided the Surety Industry with an array of accounting and consulting services to support surety claim management. Spreadsheet advancements developed by The Sutor Group are now widely accepted and have standardized reporting practices throughout the industry. Drawing on construction accounting, business workout and direct surety experience, The Sutor Group has the ability to create custom software applications to address unusual or complicated engagements. more >

Fidelity Claims

The Sutor Group has substantial experience in assisting surety or insurance companies investigate and audit fidelity loss claims. The Sutor Group has fidelity experience in the banking industry, as well as municipalities, school districts, not-for-profits and construction companies. more >

Underwriting System Reviews

Accounting and operational evaluations, commonly referred to as “underwriting reviews”, provide invaluable information to assist the underwriting process. The Sutor Group provides surety underwriting reviews which can be highly structured and comprehensive, such as the “Operational Assessment” (refer to related services tab) or less formal reviews which generally focus on a narrower work scope reflecting specific surety concerns. more >

Operational Assessment With RiskMetrics ™

The Sutor Management Group, LLC, in partnership with Strategic Performance Systems, has developed an operational audit process for the construction industry, called RiskMetrics™. RiskMetrics™ provides a focus on outcomes rather than processes, evaluating the effectiveness of operational activities within a contractor organization. more >