Employment in The Sutor Group

We believe The Sutor Group’s service diversity and expertise within the construction industry allows us to offer unique and challenging opportunities to individuals who have a genuine interest in our industry. In addition to our core values of “Integrity, Quality and Dedication to Clients,” the people at The Sutor Group share a commitment to personal growth and teamwork. Another theme that pervades The Sutor Group is our abiding respect for the creativity, ingenuity and business courage that is displayed in everyday business life within our industry.

Because of our service diversity, The Sutor Group employs individuals in the following general areas:

  • Financial management and accounting - We employ individuals who are licensed CPAs and have strong analytical and financial management skills
  • Analyst and technical support staff - This category of employees generally includes individuals with or without formal degrees that have developed strong computer, analytical and organizational skills. These individuals typically provide technical and clerical support for our service functions

If you are interested in inquiring about potential employment with our firm, please contact us at either one of our regional offices in Washington or California.