Construction Claims Services

Claims Preparation and Analysis

The Sutor Group has over 25 years experience in the preparation of requests for equitable adjustment proposals relating to potential or actual contract disputes, ranging in size from a few hundred thousand to over fifty million, including public works projects as well as private development projects. more >

Termination For Convenience Proposals

The Sutor Group is one of only a few firms in the western United States with significant experience with the FAR (Federal Acquisition Regulation) and in the preparation of termination proposals and management of termination claims. While most of the practice has been in partial or complete termination of Federal projects, The Sutor Group has also had substantial experience in the non-Federal arena as well. more >

Litigation Support

The Sutor Group has significant experience in providing expert testimony and formal presentations in conjunction with Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) processes as well as formal legal proceedings. more >


The Sutor Group's clientele includes the full spectrum of construction industry companies, both in terms of size and construction specialty.


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