Systems Consulting

Job Cost Control and Labor Tracking

Maintaining financial control over a job is one of the most talked about and least understood areas of construction management. Frequent costing errors and earnings surprises are very disruptive to the contractor’s organization. In addition to the more obvious financial impacts of these earnings surprises, is the potentially more destructive impact to creditability with bonding company and banking relationships. Over the years the Sutor Group has assisted contractors and their project managers to gain a better understanding of job cost control; successfully integrating cost controls into the more traditional project management functions. more >

Project Management

Project management is truly where the proverbial “rubber meets the road” in the contractor organization. It is essential that the project manager be adequately supported with effective estimating, equipment, accounting, field personnel, sound processes and upper management. The Sutor Group provides assistance to the project manager in the development of effective management routines and processes. more >


Proper job selection and sound estimating practices set the stage for a successful job outcome. Even the most skilled project management often fails to salvage a job that is the product of poor estimating practices. Consistent performance requires sound estimating. The Sutor Group companies assist our clients in numerous aspects of the estimating process. more >

Equipment Costing

The equipment fleet can quickly become the “money pit.” For many contractors the investment in equipment consumes more equity than any other group of assets. Sound management practices can be a significant aid in keeping a contractor competitive during difficult times. Through years of experience with “heavy & highway” and utility contractors, The Sutor Group has found that effective fleet management is a distinguishing factor among highly successful contractors. more >

Processing Plants (Crushers, Asphalt Plants, and Concrete Plants)

The Sutor Group's history of hands-on experience in the operation of processing plants enables us to assist our clients in the establishment of proper accounting systems. more >

Accounting & Financial

Over the last 20 plus years, The Sutor Group has assisted contractors in establishing accounting practices that are effective at supporting operations and providing management with the information necessary to maintain sound financial control over the business enterprise. more >