Financial & Accounting Services

Financial Statement Services

Financial statement services consist primarily of audit, review and compilation services performed in conformance with standards promulgated by the AICPA. The Sutor Group’s financial statement services are performed by the Washington and California offices of Sutor, Krystad & Rosenfeld. more >

Tax Services

The numerous and often complex tax laws and regulations at both the state and federal level affecting contractors requires in-depth knowledge of contractor tax requirements and opportunities. Sutor, Krystad & Rosenfeld's specialization in construction has allowed us to develop this significant industry specific expertise. This specialization allows Sutor, Krystad & Rosenfeld to provide on-point and effective solutions to our clients’ tax challenges. more >

Financial Planning Services

Resulting from such factors as significant sequential year over year increases or decreases in construction volume, capital requirements and seasonality; monitoring profitability and overall financial condition can be a challenge for even the most sophisticated contractors. Sutor, Krystad & Rosenfeld assists their clients in making this a manageable process. more >