ECF Dry Cell Construction Project

Idaho National Engineering Laboratory

Owner: Department of Energy

Client Name: Ormond Construction Company

Engagement Scope

The Sutor Group was engaged by Ormond Construction Company to evaluate and establish the guidelines to be followed in determining Ormond's settlement proposal for the termination for convenience of the ECF Dry Cell Construction Project. We assisted Ormond, its subcontractors and major suppliers in all aspects of the preparation and submittal of the settlement proposal including negotiation of the methodology with Westinghouse Electric Corporation, completion of appropriate forms and preparation of detailed reports. Our work was performed in compliance with Ormond's contract with Westinghouse and applicable sections of the Federal Acquisition Regulation. The settlement proposal amount submitted was $1,423,584.

Project description

Ormond was a subcontractor to Westinghouse Electric Corporation for the purpose of performance of the Expended Core Facility, Dry Cell Construction Project of the Naval Reactors Facility located on the Idaho National Engineering Laboratory. The scope of Ormond's contract included demolition of a portion of an existing building, raising the roof on the portion of an existing building, construction of the dry cell, and building an addition to the existing structure. The entire project was suspended on July 1, 1993 and terminated for convenience on October 4, 1993. Ormond was approximately 33% complete as of the date of termination.

Entitlement issues

Entitlement pursuant to Ormond's purchase order (73-73750) and accompanying contract documents, specifically General Provision 53, Termination for Convenience of Westinghouse.

Type of impacts

Determination of the value of work performed on the terminated contract. Determination of the methodology utilized for the settlement proposal.